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Al-kashif Al-zahbi for multi activities established in 2010 aiming to work side-by-side with farmers to safeguard their long-term success, as well as that of the agricultural sector as a whole. Along with providing detecting and mining equipments, automobiles, oil , tractors and spare parts.


To create value and make a difference in our world.


To work side-by-side with farmers to safeguard their long-term success, as well as that of the agricultural sector as a whole.


Develop and market a Community Economic Development Investment Fund.
Invest strategically in agricultural and food enterprises to help increase Investees’ sustainable local food production and revenue.
Create mentoring support and help to facilitate farm and food-related innovation and diversification in partnership with government and non-government organizations.
Evaluate other investment tools and investment opportunities that may help achieve FarmWorks goals.


Ambition , Sustainability and Partnership

Our core values clearly demonstrate what we stand for, they are the core of our corporate culture.
You will experience these core values in our behaviour and our way of working. We use our Ambition to constantly strive for better results and a world class team. Sustainability confirms our long-term commitment to carefully looking after people, animals and the environment and Partnership indicates we are there for you. We are focussed on long-term relationships and firmly believe in win-win.

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The world of growing crops is changing. Increasing diversification, the three crop rule, growing environmental legislation, new emerging technologies – all are remapping the way growers will run their operations in the future.

At Al-kashif Al-zahbi we are very much focused on helping our customers achieve real world gains from working with us and to continue to do this we are committed to bringing different technologies and services together to complement and strengthen our ‘agronomy that delivers’ promise. As well as providing the most up to date arable production advice and the best crop protection inputs, we can now integrate these with:Seeds and traits, Micronutrients and Biological products.

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We’ve been a specialist agronomy company for many years now. During that time, we’ve been focused on delivering one thing – a peerless crop protection and production service that doesn’t just provide growers with products, it offers real solutions to help them get the most from their arable businesses. At the heart of this thinking is a real-world understanding of the financial basis of modern arable production and the implications of different courses of action on this. So as well as agronomy, we’re typically talking to our customers about financial targets, rotational planning, nutrient management, budgeting and pest prediction. Increasingly we’ll also be helping them with approaches to help them tackle the problem of Blackgrass through the integration of herbicide programmes with practical control measures such as drainage, paying attention to soil structure and creating the right seedbed.

Such advice is also likely to bring in the opportunity for delayed drilling into the equation so herbicides have a longer window to be effective. Much of our thinking is based around helping growers reduce their cost of production per tonne of yield. The more you can grow for a certain input cost, the higher your overall business efficiency. In fact, everything we do is focused on providing genuine solutions to help our customers be the best arable producers in Sudan, growing the highest quality crops and enjoying the best returns. But that’s not at the cost of the environment which is why we’re also mindful of legislation in this area, compliance, wildlife and environmental concerns in everything we do.With Al-kashif Al-zahbi it’s not just about providing inputs – it’s about delivering the best solutions for your businesses.